Waking up...
The story of Indigo

How it all began...

In 2020, Snapwire Software started work on a Digital Receptionist solution. By identifying a market post-covid where prevention of germs and increased hygiene was paramount - a new product, using a combination of voice technology and facial recognition, was developed. Snapwire's team and partners were perfectly positioned to research and develop a suitable solution due to their unique knowledge and experience in building custom technical solutions.

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Welcoming the Workplace Revolution

All over the world people have been forced to work from home and, as a result, have found a more harmonious work-life balance.

Covid has brought the technical revolution along years ahead of time – office space is now a part-time requirement and with it so is the need to staff this physical space.

However, the associated human resourcing costs, remain the same.

Indigo is a cost-effective, scalable and flexible solution that permits front-desk operations, without the need for full-time front-desk personnel. It can also work alongside a reception team to free-up time and resource for other tasks.

The Delivery...

In Q3 2021 the Maidstone Innovation Centre opened its doors for business and the Mayor of Maidstone, Fay Gooch, introduced Indigo to the world!

Maidstone Innovation Centre

An innovative, exciting and scalable solution to improve Office Manager productivity and save money

Sean Atkinson-Henry, Maidstone Borough Council
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